About Us

Flawless playability, comfort, control and unparalleled value. Since 1984, Sunlite has dedicated itself to provide finely crafted, quality instruments to budding musicians as they set off on their artistic journey. With every perfect clear note and smooth strum, Sunlite guitars have exemplified true loyalty in this relationship between musician and instrument, developing a musical partnership to last a lifetime.
At Sunlite, our business philosophy is simple: Help dealers match musicians with exceptional, high caliber instruments of incomparable value. With our no hassle return policy, no dealer minimum orders, and a wide variety of credit terms, we have created partnerships and lifelong friendships throughout the music industry. It is our priority to ensure that Sunliteā€™s gorgeous, timeless musical instruments make it into the hands of musicians all across America and the world.

Here at Sunlite, we look forward to another year of providing excellent service as we introduce an updated line of affordable, quality guitars made with the finest hand-selected wood. Thank you for your continued trust and confidence in Sunlite. We look forward to working with you!

Sunlite Team
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